Андрей Кулинич

I wrote down all the crazy things that were in my head. It actually wasn’t as much as I thought. When you think of the same things over and over, it feels like the tornado from the Wizard of Oz. When you write them down on a piece of paper, you realize the volume of your to-do’s amounts to a strong breeze. Some things on your list will take 15 minutes or less. I group those things together. In my case, its things like putting the mail on hold while we are out of town. Little odds and ends. I will group those things together.



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Rose Gold

Some trends fade. Then there’s rose gold – this timeless, lustrous and ever-durable colour brings warmth to any kitchen.


Let our gilded gold number make your kitchen shine. Choose elegance and decadence in perfect balance.

Stainless steel

All that glitters isn’t just golden. Stainless steel may be classic but here’s proof it can dazzle. It’s anything but ordinary.


To call our Gunmetal simply ‘grey’ would be an understatement in style. It’s a design bullseye that you don’t see coming.

Matte Black

While tastefully understated, the slick looks of our matte black sink are not to be underestimated.